Making Information Matter.

It’s a brave new digital world. And ones that will survive, let alone thrive, will be the ones most adaptable to change.

At Systech, we believe that one of the most important and valuable resources businesses have, is Data. Data is ubiquitous, generated in abundance by virtually everything humans and business do, every second of the day. But how much of that have enterprises been able to translate into tangible value?

Keeping up with the pace at which global markets are moving and evolving, is a tall order. Businesses find themselves facing the struggles of cost containment with the imperative to innovate just to survive, let alone, thrive. We strategize, design & implement data management solutions for customers to help find new and better ways of understanding the complexities of todays markets and movements. We want to inspire customers to make new discoveries and incorporate them into how they continue to deliver new value every day. Your data is abound with new opportunities for growth and innovation; it’s now just a question of whether your business is equipped with the tools to unlock them and make that information matter.

Gain the Data Advantage with Systech

  • React Quickly

    Being able to have immediate feedback gives you the confidence and control to manage your company successfully. You can minimize risk by spotting problems early on, while also maximizing value and acting on opportunities as they arise. With the right set of BI tools, you can leverage your company’s data to help you reach all of your business targets.

  • Visualize Progress

    Keep track of the day-to-day performance metrics at all levels of your company. With the proper infrastructure, the entirety of your organization will be able to access and visualize how various operations affect company performance. Tracking everyday progress puts the power back in the hands of your employees and helps create a sense of ownership over their contribution to company’s success.

  • Make Better Decisions

    With the right tools, you will be able to understand the most important aspects of your data at just a glance. Knowing how your decisions affect your business performance will put the control back in your hands. You can feel confident in your decisions and focus on the most important dimensions that make real impact.

  • Stay Current

    With a robust set of visualization reports and dashboards, you can spot changes in trends and pick up on issues within your own company or industry as they happen. Live updates will keep you in the loop so you can act on the little things before they escalate into a large problem.

Our story

Founded in 1993, Los Angeles-based Systech Solutions, Inc. has grown internationally with headquarters in United States and India, and multiple service delivery locations around the world. Having completed over 1000 projects and forged partnerships with industry-leading technology providers, we have developed a full spectrum of data services, vetted, tested and refined to meet the specific demands and need of your company.

Systech has also established a Global Delivery Center in Chennai, India, enabling on-site and off-site resources to work efficiently together for your benefit. This allows us to bring specialized resources to your project, at the right time, wherever you may need them. Our commitment to providing our clients the most powerful solutions available has led to Systech’s booming growth – being named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America for two consecutive years by Inc. Magazine.

Why do our customers choose us?

The truth is that cutting edge technology is only as good as your vision and implementation. And that is what we do best. Our teams are the cornerstone of our success, helping clients master their vision and unlock business value from their application portfolios and growing volume of data. Systech can help you define the best ways to drive rapid cost savings, monetization and innovation with data, so that you can be future ready.

For over two decades, Systech has been developing, deploying and refining methods for delivering the highest quality technology solutions to our customers. With millions of hours of field experience, we have built up an arsenal of tools and expertise to tackle challenges of all scales. The Systech Methodology provides a comprehensive, robust, yet flexible framework to define your needs & goals, integrate key stakeholders and implement pragmatic business strategy to the execution process. This enables you to manage the scope and large-scale transformations needed to derive commercial value from your data.

Let our data experts reshape the way your enterprise views data.

The Systech Difference:

Our interdisciplinary expertise enables us to solve our customers’ most complex problems through a combination of:

  • Smart people, fresh approaches, and focused innovation
  • Domain and subject-matter expertise
  • Agile and flexible solutions
  • Software that operates at scale and speed
  • A culture of challenge and continuous learning

At Systech, we bridge the gap between what our customers think they can do and what they aspire to achieve.

Our culture is shaped by a commitment to our Core Values:

Integrity | Customer Success | Employee Focus | Innovation

At Systech, we believe that strong partnerships are built upon the sharing of business goals and a complete transparency between the two organizations. That is how we like to approach our client relationships.

To ensure the success of your investment in our technology services, we offer each of our clients the full stack of our capabilities, including:

Deep understanding of our client’s business
We have over 400 project engagements around the world, each one informing us that much more.
Industry-leading expertise
More than 20 years of experience working with clients of every industry, all across the world.
Horizontal Expertise, Vertical Integration
Two decades of systems integration experience, backed by partnerships with the leading technology experts in each landscape.
Support for all delivery models
From traditional IT to managed services to cloud, we tailor the delivery method to best meet your needs.
Flexibility & Responsiveness
Between all of our consultants and global delivery centers, we strive to provide continuous availability of our expertise around the clock.

Over the last 2 decades, Systech has established its strong suite in parsing and creating meaningful insight of structured data. Within the last few years, however, we have married that expertise to create all-encompassing warehouses capable of integrating and analyzing all relevant data elements within and outside of the organization’s ERP – both semi structured and unstructured data, including social data, machine data, text, voice, and video. In our Test Labs, we are continuously finding new methods & use cases to enhance and bring new capabilities for our clients.

Our Practice

  • Data Strategy
  • Data Integration
  • Data Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Dashboards, Reporting & Visualization

Powered by the Best

We partner with some of the smartest companies in each technology landscape.
So we can bring you nothing less than the best.

It all starts with a conversation

Working with Systech begins with a conversation about how your business needs can be served by our capabilities. We can help you chart a path for long-term success. So don’t hesitate to contact us today and take the first step with Systech.

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