Water Analytics

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Water Analytics

From smart meters to sustainability, new demands in the water consumption are transforming the water utilities.

As utilities address the data management, operational and demand response challenges associated with the evolving technical capabilities and complex demands on the infrastructure, Business Intelligence Solutions help turn that data into useful information. Building & using analytical capabilities on top of that data will be key to cost effective delivery, limited waste and water loss, optimize conservation efforts, and insure compliance with safety and quality standards.

Systech, along with its partner, IBI, have dedicated a focus on understanding the needs of public and private water and power utilities. We’ve integrated a powerful set of tools and analytics and guidelines to assist Utility Organizations and enable improvements in decision making to optimize operations and prevent Revenue Leakage. Our Common objective is to allow utilities to access:

  • World-class reporting and analytical functionality delivered via industry leading Web Focus from Information Builders.
  • Pre-designed Water loss module featuring multi-tab dashboard around:
    • Water usage and loss analytics
    • Meter Dashboard
    • Service/Work Order analytics
  • Complete access to underlying data elements via meta-data driven ad-hoc reporting.
  • Pre-designed data mart leveraging CIS system and work order management.
  • Infrastructure and Hosting by Systech via third party partner – GoDaddy.
  • Extendable (with custom services)
  • Organized data from across the enterprise into meaningful reports and visualizations
  • Ad hoc queries and in-depth analysis

These tools are aimed at the core framework at the heart of any utilities business operations:


BI solutions for Water Utility help maximize the value of all data sources to all stakeholders: water utilities, regulators, government bodies and consumers.

  • Help the Utility:
    • Cure water loss issues resulting in lower wholesale water cost and increased revenues that don’t conflict with conservation programs or drive rate increases.
    • Improve operational efficiency reducing program maintenance and operational costs
    • Optimize Asset efficiency reducing maintenance aggregate debt serving costs
    • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce lost revenue through less disrupted service
    • Optimize Sourcing efficiency and associated costs
    • Improve A/R results and visibility
    • Ease the cost of regulatory compliance via automated processes
    • To insure Water Quality and Safety via improved reporting and analytical insights