Arun Gollapudi

As CEO and Co-Founder, Arun is responsible for aligning the strategic direction of the company, as well as overseeing its day-to-day operations, sales and marketing. As one of the two founding principals, he guided the firm for the last 20 years to a successful niche in Business Intelligence and Custom Business Development. Arun’s work in helping companies transition to Client Server systems and technologies earned him invaluable experience in positioning Systech as the Change Agent. As an integral part of Systech, Arun worked to drive the company’s growth to the size of 10 Million in revenue and 200 employees worldwide. Under his leadership, Systech continues to thrive on implementing and delivering new business models and applications.

Arun holds an MBA from UCLA, Anderson School of Management, an M.S. in Engineering from University of New Brunswick, Canada and a B.S in Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, India. He is a member of – LA Chapter at Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO)

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