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BI Solutions for Financial Services

Systech's solution for Financial services helps organizations analyze large, complex and rapidly growing data volumes very quickly for faster speed-to-market and better decision-making. It offers 10-100 times the performance of traditional solutions, with a much lower TCO, rapid implementation and minimal ongoing maintenance.


  • Compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Credit and risk management
  • Fraud detection
  • CRM and customer loyalty


  • Provides BI Reports and dashboards for management on performance, customer demographics and other factors
  • Balances the risk involved with business and growth while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Manages and forecasts assets and portfolios with full insight into patterns and trends
  • Establishes metrics and sales performance targets and monitor results against these targets with complete transparency into the root cause of shortfalls and immediate notice of issues
  • Provides insights on risk, customer profiles, products, services, regions, sales, marketing and other information
  • Enhances customer profitability, improve customer service and reduce operating costs and risk
  • Analyzes employee performance, risk, branch profitability, credit performance and customer relationship
  • Assesses all aspects of organization performance, e.g., income, profit, customer satisfaction, flexibility, transformation and growth
  • Performs profit analysis, to find the most profitable customers, develop and analyze services, and manage and mitigate credit risk