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Our teams of experienced Engineers, Technical Architects and Project Managers, can help you jumpstart the journey to the cloud. From defining initial use cases and cloud adoption strategy, to designing & implementing the optimal architecture to house digital systems, Systech helps clients solve solve their critical data challenges and accelerate their project pipelines.

Hybrid Cloud Data Management

Most organizations incrementally evolve towards a hybrid cloud architecture, consisting of public cloud, SaaS providers, and on-premises systems, to maximize their IT investment in a cost-efficient manner. However, along this trend, data architectures are becoming inherently more complex as organizations try to reconcile the data residing in multiple disparate systems without compromising data integrity.

Systech helps organizations address key hybrid cloud data management challenges, including connectivity, visibility, scalability, governance and operational control. Our experts can help you with any part of the project lifecycle, whether designing a data management strategy, deploying your cloud architecture, or handling the migration & integration process.

Migrate & Integrate Enterprise Data to the Cloud

Cloud architectures have brought about a proliferation of new Cloud-based SaaS business applications, promising organizations a simpler, faster, smarter way of managing business operations. But none of them stand alone. Salesforce orgs need to import leads from marketing automation systems. And these may be connected to a data warehouse for analyzing opportunities and financial systems for invoicing and an ERP system for purchasing.

Systech offers fast, flexible, and scalable capabilities to integrate any data source, be it cloud or on-premise, and bring clean, connected, and secure data to end users through the powerful self-service dashboard of their choice.

Focus on the needs of your business, we’ll make the rest happen

With a long history of enabling enterprises to successfully adopt best-in-class data management strategy & technology, Systech now delivers a mature set of services specifically designed for the unique requirements of enterprise cloud solutions, from integration, interoperability, connectivity, security, compliance, privacy and governance. With specialized technology expertise, Centers of Excellence training programs for the best-in-class technology platforms, and our customer-obsessed Professional Services and Support, Systech can help you successfully deploy your cloud solutions to move faster and do more.

Supercharge Your Operations With Connected Data

Advanced Analytics & Predictive Intelligence

Perform advanced calculations and render visualizations rapidly with cloud environments that can power mission-critical workloads of any size or complexity. Your queries are automatically optimized by moving processing closer to source data without data movement, which maximizes performance and minimizes latency. Cloud environments are also are optimized to handle workloads of any complexity or volume.

Big Data Management

Cloud-based architectures give you fast access to flexible and low-cost resources with minimal overhead, allowing you to virtually scale any big data application or store including data warehouses, clickstream analytics, fraud detection, recommendation engines, and event-driven ETL.

Build Customer 360-View

Highly unstructured, raw data can tell a story of your customers in a way that we can now tap efficiently at scale. Migrating applications and enterprise data, along with social media and other big data sources, to a cloud platform, unlocks new opportunities to run more robust customer analytics. Empower your teams to act smarter and faster, having everything they need to understand the customer experience within context.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Collect data from millions of IoT devices and implement our big data analytics & data streaming solutions to gain real-time insights.

Enterprise Business Applications & IT

Deliver rich BI functionality to everyone in your organization from a centralized store. Enable employees to easily build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from big data.

Archiving, Backups & Recovery

Save time and innovate more by managing your information management lifecycle on the cloud. Reduce costs of archiving and storing large volumes of data on your enterprise infrastructure. And know your information is safe and easily recoverable, if disaster strikes.

Enterprise Benefits of Cloud Architecture

Cloud-based Technologies offer organizations flexible, low-cost infrastructure to efficiently handle & scale business operations of any volume and complexity.

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