Business Intelligence

Are you struggling to track and analyze your data to make more informed decisions?

Systech’s business intelligence services & solutions help clients gain a competitive advantage transforming them into a data-driven enterprise.  Improve your business performance by infusing data analytics, performance management processes, data warehousing, dashboards, and key performance indicators into every aspect of your organization. With Systech, your data can be used as a strategic tool for optimal and responsive decision-making among business leaders, teams, and individuals within your organization.

Exploration and Visualization

We implement software that helps you to see your analytical results, discover relationships and relevance between different variables, communicate with others about these concepts, and eventually forecast for the future.

Operational Intelligence

Our services empower you to respond quickly to inefficiencies or problems in your business by streaming analytics alongside your business operations. This real-time data analysis provides you with a platform for heightened operational and strategic visibility.

Strategic Dashboards & Scorecards

Our dashboard solutions allow you to interact with your own data and track the performance of your business. We can help you navigate your business decision-making by presenting your data in a way that suits the way you work and think.

Predictive Analysis & Mining

We provide solutions to help you identify your future risks and opportunities based on historical data patterns and transactions.

Services We Offer

  • Data Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Operational Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Analytical Application Development

Managed Services

Our experts help manage the scope of your BI & data analytics investment, while bringing the right resources on board to ensure flawless execution.

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Overcome Your Data Challenges

While working towards making data part of your strategy, technical challenges that arise may seem daunting to solve from the start. Whatever your data environment looks like, we’ll come and deliver the technical expertise needed to make your data usable and enterprise-friendly. We’ll set you up to reach your goals.

Data Consistency

  • We establish a single definition or single source of data to simplify your environment
  • We uniformly apply business logic and definitions across your data sources

Data Quality

  • We apply automated data cleansing during ETL
  • Our framework gives you the ability for data validation and control

Data Latency

  • Our automated ETL processes make data available as often as you need it
  • We extract and integrate your data


  • We make it possible for you to easily introduce new data sources into your current data model
  • You can generate ad-hoc reports and analytics across enterprise data
  • We provide you increased functionality using BI Applications for reporting and analytics
  • Your data becomes reusable across different BI Applications

Knowledge Transfer

  • You’ll be able to transfer management knowledge of business, competition, and industry to less experienced users at all levels
  • Our solutions will expand your ability to maintain and produce reporting among many individuals

Ready to make your business more data-driven?

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