Big Data

Is your enterprise able to keep up with the vast amounts of human-generated data being created each day?

As unstructured data grow in volume, velocity, variety, and veracity, enterprises are challenged with creating a data management system that handles new data sources and heavy analytic workloads.

Systech’s services can solve your enterprise’s big data challenges by building, integrating, and implementing data systems designed to improve your analytics and overall business performance. We’ve got the experience to manage and streamline your data environment so that you can focus on consistently achieving your business goals.

Sample Use Cases

  • Customer Behavior

    Monitor & visualize customer behavior throughout the purchase journey to learn, predict & model future targeting campaigns.

  • Product Innovation

    With the proper analytics, you can drive product innovation within every area of your business, from product development to marketing campaigns. Identify the true drivers of success in new product releases, perform A/B testing, understand your markets at any level of granularity – there are just so many possibilities…

  • Fraud Analytics

    Detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it happens by being able to analyze & visualize suspicious patterns of behavior and alert the right people within the critical time.

  • Assets Optimization

    Improve forecasting of your assets and operational conditions, predict outcomes more effectively, and respond to critical situations promptly.

Service Offerings

  • Data Lake/Store

    Keep large amounts of data in raw format and use it for as many purposes as you need.

  • Queryable Archive

    Fast query, search, and report easily with your optimized archives and utilize your historical data as needed.

  • Exploration Sandbox

    Explore and interact with your data by running fast queries and building your own prediction models

Augment your Data Warehouse

We work with enterprises to combine traditional and big data technologies to maximize the effectiveness of existing warehouses. Using cutting edge technology, Systech combines both structured and unstructured data into a Logical Data Warehouse—enabling you to cost-effectively consume and analyze large volumes of semi-structured data. Now you can gain actionable insight from your big data sources much faster at lower cost.

Make your enterprise more data-driven today

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