Big Data Strategy & Analytics

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Systech’s Data Engineers can help you get back on track on a quick, clear path to value. We help enterprises solve their biggest data challenges, and ease their biggest headaches. Our services entail full end-to-end Data Management solutions – from designing the optimal Big Data Architecture to maximize your business use cases, to development, integration and deployment of the entire technology stack.

We’ve got the experience to manage and streamline your data environment so that you can focus on consistently achieving your business goals.

  • Understand Customer Behavior

    Learn how people use your products or services. Track the digital footprint of your customers at every step of their journey in a centralized view. With an understanding of their behaviors and actions in the context of each touchpoint, your teams will be empowered with the insights they need to deliver they best results. Big Data can help you reveal key customer groups, identify the true drivers of success in new releases, perform A/B tests, and understand your markets at any level of granularity.

  • Drive Product Innovation

    With a Big Data foundation built for speed and scale, your organization can understand its performance across each business function. Illuminate new areas of opportunity for innovation, and be able to act on them immediately. Perform advanced analytics on your enterprise data to understand your strategy’s impact on KPI’s, such as machine learning, what-if scenario modeling, and predictive forecasts. Monitor and visualize the performance of each new strategy in real-time, to make sure you stay on track at all times.

  • Detect Fraud & Revenue Leakage

    Detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it happens by being able to analyze & visualize suspicious patterns of behavior and alert the right people within the critical time.

  • Optimize Your Assets & Revenue Streams

    Improve forecasting of your assets and operational conditions, predict outcomes more effectively, and respond to critical situations promptly. Commoditize the abundant data assets you have, for additional revenue streams.

Big Data Services & Solutions

  • Strategy, Architecture & Design

    Our Data Architects will help you define your Big Data Strategy and design the optimal technology environment for reliable, scalable, automated data pipelines. No matter the complexity of your use cases, Systech can help guide you in every decision along the way, from choosing the right tools, structuring your implementation, and managing the full development lifecycle, to get your project off the ground.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Cloud storage offers enterprises a low-cost, powerful environment for high throughput analytics & applications. Our services entail Cloud Migrations, Hybrid Cloud Environment Integration, and Cloud-native Analytics.

  • Data Lake Storage

    Ingest and store large amounts of data, in their raw format, to be used for as many purposes as needed. We help you develop your Enterprise Data Lake and integrations with your existing environments. Data lakes help your business speed up time-to-analysis and optimize the performance of your mission-critical applications.

  • Smart Data Discovery

    Interact with your data in a clear, visual manner. View your sources, test correlations, discover relationships, and derive meaningful results.

  • Data Cataloguing

    Find what you need, fast. It’s a fully managed service that lets anyone in the enterprise register, profile, enrich and discover what data assets you have at all times. Make data governance management easier, by provisioning what sources, data, metadata, API’s and sources users have access to, at all times.

  • Exploration Sandbox

    Accelerate innovation within the enterprise. Create testing environments loaded with ready-to-go data, so your data scientists & analysts can run faster queries and get their hands dirty in data, immediately.

Augment your Data Warehouse

We work with enterprises to combine traditional and big data technologies to maximize the effectiveness of existing warehouses. Using cutting edge technology, Systech combines both structured and unstructured data into a Logical Data Warehouse—enabling you to cost-effectively consume and analyze large volumes of semi-structured data. Now you can gain actionable insight from your big data sources much faster at lower cost.

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