Retail Analytics for E-commerce

Data Sheet: Customer Analytics & Site Optimization with Dashboards

Key Topics

  • Customer Analytics: Segmentation, Behavior, Engagement
  • Site Optimization
  • Search Performance
  • Site Merchandising
  • Bounce Rate/Departure Rate
  • Cart Abandonment Rate
  • Checkout Funnel Visualization
  • Page Performance
  • Customer Reviews Analysis
  • In Stock/Out of Stock Analysis

Today’s brands are using retail analytics to establishing strong relationships with customers. In today’s digital age where customer data comes from all directions, understanding and responding to your customers’ needs emerges at the core of your competitive advantage. Investing in themquality of your customer data can reveal opportunities to respond to customer behavior as it happens: initiating a highly personalized interaction between your customers and your brand.

Proficiency in customer analytics in e-commerce, therefore, is a critical component of your customer-facing strategies. While effective metrics are specific to each individual organization, this data sheet can help you determine broader methods of analysis to apply to your customer data and general site data as it relates to the goals of your organization.

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