Petco – Store and Merchandising Analysis


Founded in 1965 and incorporated in the state of Delaware, Petco is a leading specialty retailer of premium pet food and supply stores. Stores carry more than 10,000 items including premium foods, vitamins, toys and other supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, reptiles and other small companion animals. Petco also provides veterinary services, obedience training and grooming services.


Petco needed a solution that would make it possible for them to obtain company information in a quick and accurate manner. They needed a store analysis to get an in-depth look at the sales & margins section among store contribution and the base stores performance for the past two year period. They also wanted to have access to inventory levels at all times in order to accommodate customers with the appropriate products and services offered by Petco.

Identification of store uniqueness was needed to allow for pricing and store assortment for proper product placement and sale. A suitable solution needed to be put into practice in order to properly target their market and track down customers to evaluate their specific buying habits. Promotional, product and vendor divisions also needed to be analyzed to gain full interpretation of the business.


Systech delivered an enterprise Business Intelligence solution, which aids ad-hoc detail merchandising to allow for reporting of data based on specific merchandising units and also in overall store analysis across all reporting components. The primary platform and framework built was necessary for the data warehouse to completely function.

Another important component was the development of the Market Basket Analysis. Petco wanted to be able to totally understand their customer’s buying habits and to be able to cross-sell and up-sell to their customer’s. In order for the implementation of the Business Intelligence Solution to be successful, Systech had to carefully craft seven crucial stages and understand each one to the fullest extend to give Petco the solution they needed.


Because of the Business Intelligence solution Petco now has the ability to do store and merchandising analysis. This results in better tracking of products and services. The evaluation of vendor performances can now also be obtained with the new solution. This helps to analyze which vendors give better and faster service, allowing for Petco to have all the necessary products in stock to provide better customer service. Promotional analysis is now effectively generated, which helps Petco enhance their sales and improve their margins.

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