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Pi Solutions Profit Analytics™ Technology Practice

In challenging economic times when most companies are looking at stagnant or shrinking business Pi pipresents opportunities to realize hidden profits in business. Pi Solutions offers profit modeling software, Profit Analytics™ empowering business to achieve a better bottom line.

Leveraging Netezza's OnStream Analytics to create Business Defined Profit models, Systech implements Pi products to enable comparison of profitability for multiple strategies/decisions. Systech and Pi make it possible for companies to build profit application in just a quarter that was impossible with traditional approaches which consumed almost 18 months of time.

Pi Solutions and Systech Partnership

Taking Advantage of Netezza's On-stream analytics, Systech launched Pi Solutions. Systech's experience with Netezza implementations and analytical applications make Systech an ideal partner for Pi Solutions.

Pi Profit Analytics application allows companies to measure profits at any given level of granularity. This solution helps companies to align and drive their strategies, tactics and operations based on true profitability.

Utilizing Netezza's OnStream analytics and data warehouse appliance and intuitive user interface, this solution allows business users to take control of their profit model.

Pi Profit Analytics Competency at Systech

Pi Solutions practice at Systech couples Pi Profit Analytics™ with its proven methodology and past experience to provide rapid increase profitability to clients in different industries.

  • Industry: Retail and Consumer Packaged goods industry
  • Products: Profit Analytics™