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MicroStrategy Technology Practice

'Microstrategy is a complete BI platform with brilliant visualization capabilities. Systech's BI implementation methodologies & industry vertical experiences when combined with the power & capabilities of Microstrategy, the results have always been outstanding.'

MicroStrategy provides integrated reporting, analysis, and monitoring software that helps leading microstrategyorganizations make better business decisions every day. The MicroStrategy Business Intelligence platform gives businesses solutions to their entire query, reporting and advanced analytical needs and distributes insight to users via web, wireless and voice.

Systech has been weaving MicroStrategy’s award winning BI platform into its proven methodology for creating sophisticated Business Intelligence environments since 1998.

MicroStrategy Technology Practice creates and maintains latest MicroStrategy environment and related tools. It is also responsible for the product and service offering, knowledge base and training for MicroStrategy at Systech.

MicroStrategy and Systech Partnership

Having earned the highest level of partner certification, Systech has the experience and expertise to proficiently integrate MicroStrategy's comprehensive BI solutions.

Audit and Analytics Solution

Built on MicroStrategy's flexible business intelligence platform, Systech's Audit and Analytics solution offers several ways to help customer recover profit and improve efficiency. It enables Systech to look at any company’s financials and propose steps for dramatic profit recovery. It also implements logistics management solutions that dramatically improved customer efficiency. Through this solution, Systech continues to provide cost effective solution to consulting.

MicroStrategy Competency in Systech

  • One-stop software and consulting services solution
  • Expertise in Migration
  • Proof-of-concepts / Executive education
  • Provide BI methodology and best practices
  • Complete solution architecture
  • Thorough user training
  • End-to-end solutions
  • Complex report creation
  • Executive dashboards
  • Advanced training
  • BI Utilization Program
  • Enterprise deployments
  • Customization
  • Leveraging advanced functionality
  • Advanced forecasting/statistics
  • External data integration
  • Performance optimization
  • Strategy audit

MicroStrategy Expertise in Systech

  • Industry: Financial Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, E-commerce & Entertainment
  • Products: MicroStrategy version 8.x & above