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IBM InfoSphere DataStage Technology Practice

'We feel the data, we touch the data, we breathe the data, we squeeze the data, we explode the data, we filter the data, we transform the data, we mask the data, we load the data, if customer needs it, no matter what, we DO it.'

IBM InfoSphere Data Stage integrates data across multiple and high volumes of data sources and target applications. It integrates data on demand with a high performance parallel framework, extended metadata management, and enterprise connectivity. ibm

IBM Data Stage offers scalable platform that enables companies to solve large-scale business problems through high-performance processing of massive data volumes and supports real-time data integration.

Utilizing our past experience in implementing DataStage for clients in the financial service, retail and healthcare Systech laid the foundation to a dedicated Technology Practice and a Competency Center to IBM InfoSphere Data Stage.

Systech continues to assimilate the latest DataStage tools and effectively deploys them on client projects. Through an intensive training program Systech achieves a high degree of expertise in DataStage technology.

IBM InfoSphere DataStage and Systech Partnership

As a Premier Partner of IBM, Systech's alliance delivers dynamic business intelligence and e-business solutions.

Systech also offers Smart i in collaboration with IBM's DB2 Web Query Business Intelligence.

The partnership and the practice enable developers to maximize speed, flexibility and effectiveness in building, deploying, updating and managing their data integration infrastructure. Systech thus helps to complete the connectivity between any data source and any application for customers.