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Technology Practice and Competency Center

Systech maintains a dedicated Technology Practice and a Competency Center for different technologies by leveraging the partnerships. This enables Systech to successfully implement solutions in complex BI environments containing a wide variety of data warehouses, databases, financial systems and BI platforms.

The objectives of the Center are:

Infrastructure & Lab:

  • To design, install, configure, upgrade and manage / monitor BI Servers and tools respective to the technology
  • To establish prototyping, development and testing capability
  • Support training programs


  • To create best practices, performance fine tuning, trouble shooting documents for knowledge base repository respective technology
  • To assist project management and planning, effort estimation with resource planning, business analysis and team management
  • Member of Core Interview panel for BI Practices

Project / Team Support:

  • To provide a point of contact with Business / Technical support team respective to the technology practice
  • Provide technical assistance and mentoring to Systech team members for various projects

Training / Resource Development:

  • To evaluate training material and plan
  • To provide training updates on new tools and versions to the team members
  • To track BI associate training plan and skill set