Option One Mortgage Corporation – Netezza Migration


Option One was founded in 1992 to provide fair credit to millions of Americans who were not being served by traditional banks. Option One was one of the first companies to specialize in non-prime lending and now is a part of the family of H&R Block companies providing financial services throughout the nation. Option one has an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) running on Oracle 9i with Informatica 7.1.1 as an ETL tool and MicroStrategy 8.0.1 as the reporting platform. OOMC management had decided to migrate the EDW from Oracle 9i to Netezza 2.5.3 platform for performance, cost and scalability. The migration project had been handled by the OOMC internal technical team for over a year and was left unaccomplished. OOMC management tasked the Systech team to take over the project and complete it within a short time frame.


The project involved DDL conversion of thousands of database objects from Oracle to Netezza. The migration process involved ~ 1000 mappings (and 1000 sessions) of EDW and other dependent data marts from “loading into Oracle” to “loading into Netezza”. The team had to integrate the ETL code of other dependent data marts from the different Informatica folders into one folder and run it as one job. Other challenges included validation, comparison and cleansing of data and the isolation and resolution of existing production and migration issues. A number of Oracle fixes and enhancements were also migrated along with Netezza migration.


The Systech Netezza migration team consisted of a Solution Architect to perform DBA activities and define the ETL integration strategy. An ETL Team Lead guided the ETL team and divided the code among the team efficiently. A Microstrategy Team Lead guided the Microstrategy team for the conversion of all the reports.

The Netezza migration of EDW was completed in six weeks. The team spent the first two weeks in planning and assessment of the migration approach. The next two weeks the team focused on the design, development and validation of the ETL code. In the last two weeks the team was focused on extensive testing and production deployment. Another three weeks were spent on parallel run. This allowed effective and error free data for user reporting. Also there was timely support from Netezza and Informatica, with respect to the connector issues.


The Systech team set the right expectations to work for six weeks to perform the migration to meet the deadline successfully. The team had the benefit of putting together a realistic testing schedule with adequate time for defect correction and reruns and successfully accomplished the Netezza migration without any impact to the users community.


Industry: Banking

Application: Enterprise Data Warehouse, BI Roadmap, Netezza Migration, Loan Performance Datamart, Data Quick Datamart Customer Information File, Broker Portal, Sales Force Automation, Enterprise reporting, Campaign Management, Marketing Analysis, Financial Analysis and Sales Analysis

Database: Netezza, Oracle & SQL Server

Database Size: 6.5 Terabytes

Number of Users: 900

Deployment Type:Intranet/Extranet

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