Option One Mortgage Corporation – BI Road Map


Option One was founded in 1992 to provide fair credit to millions of Americans who were not being served by traditional banks. Option One was one of the first companies to specialize in non-prime lending and now is a part of the family of H&R Block companies providing financial services throughout the nation. Option one has an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) running on Oracle 9i with Informatica 7.1.1 as an ETL tool and MicroStrategy 8.0.1 as the reporting platform. OOMC management had decided to migrate the EDW from Oracle 9i to Netezza 2.5.3 platform for performance, cost and scalability. The migration project had been handled by the OOMC internal technical team for over a year and was left unaccomplished. OOMC management tasked the Systech team to take over the project and complete it within a short time frame.


  • Creation of a B2B Customer Information File Data Mart (CIF)
  • Design and Creation of Loan Performances and Data Quick data marts
  • Creation of an enterprise BI Roadmap
  • Comprehensive Data Discovery of OOMC source systems
  • Interviews of 120 line and executive mangers
  • Phased approach of EDW 90 days initiative
  • Assistance in enterprise reporting and DWH platforms selection
  • Migration Project to Netezzaa


The Systech Team successfully created a B2B Customer Data Mart and integrated customer information with Sales Force Automation (SFA) project. The team then went on to build Loan Performance datamart. This enabled mortgage originators, servicers, securities issuers and investors to make informed business decisions about credit risk,loss mitigation, customer retention, securitization and investment. Systech then worked with a team of 30 consultants on multiple projects at OOMC which included the creation of an enterprise BI Roadmap.The Roadmap project interviewed 120 line and executive mangers for data and information needs and conducted comprehensive Data Discovery of OOMC source systems. The result lead to a phased program of EDW initiatives that would guide the building of the EDW based on subject matter areas.

Systech assisted OOMC in the selection of enterprise reporting and data warehouse platforms while initiating work on the enterprise standard Oracle. When the decision was made to migrate to Netezza, Systech took over the migration efforts after internally stalled attempts. Systech completed the first of three initiatives with Option One prior to the decline of the sub-prime mortgage market which lead to considerabledisruption of the approach and departure of many of the OOMC staff and management team. Systech remained engaged with OOMC in support and maintenance and looked to re-engage development of new initiatives as the sale to American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. is finalized and the mortgage market stabilized after the project completion.


Systech’s success at OOMC hinged on identifying the client’s behavior and preferences and then offering solutions or services that answers those needs. This helped OOMC to make better strategic decisions.

Systech consultants customised their approach by understanding Mortgage business. They worked closely with business decision makers to gather customer information. Systech consultants aligned themselves to the business team which proved to be one of the key success criteria on delivering the project. Communication involved total customer involvement in each and every project milestones, key issues and any show stoppers.

This further enabled OOMC to inform business stakeholders and key decision makers in a timely fashion in responding to the market.

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