Nationwide Better Health – Data Foundation and Integration


Nationwide Better Health (NBH) is a relatively new business under the broader Nationwide Mutual Insurance umbrella of companies. It is built on the foundation of the long-term subsidiary, Gates McDonald. Nationwide Better Health embraces a comprehensive relationship with their customer that also addresses Medical Services Utilization & Case Management, Disease Management, and Health Promotion. The capability to deliver these services was obtained with the acquisitions of three other companies, WellCorp, Future Health and Intervent. The challenge facing the business unit was in providing the value of this integrated model to its end clients and using that proven value to cross sell and up sell existing clients as well as more effectively penetrate new ones.


The objective of the project was to incorporate source data from various Nationwide Better Health business units into a single location for the purpose of improved reporting and analytics in support of Better Health’s business objectives. Systech was approached to provide a unified data source, standardized and improved reporting and analytical capabilities, and business process development within Marketing, Sales, Account Management, R&D and other business functions.


Disparate data & application integration challenges:

Broader NBH program is based on the unified service model of four previously separate and disintegrated entities. Each client business unit had different end systems which enroll and manage the client employees for their given scope of service.

Due to the variance in the systems it was challenging to:

  • Integrate data from different business units into a single efficient system
  • Remove data redundancy, duplicates in master data and add several transformation logics
  • Generate reports from it

Also, data sources had differing and fixed data models. In addition, there existed data quality issues and conflicting data and semantics within and across data sources.

Data consolidation challenges:

Attributed to disparate data structures, complex mapping and transformation rules, match/merge and survivorship rules, it was challenging to define data consolidation strategy.

Data Governance challenges:

To provide a solution to the lack of data ownership definition, lack of common data governance framework, lack of data quality metrics was important to build a build a flexible platform that will support future analytics.


Systech lead the data foundation project to provide a solution to separate and redundant systems and infrastructures, Systech designed an efficient data reconciliation system. This solution scaled to support multi-user development, and highest levels of data volumes and process complexity.

The solution provided a high degree of integration with MySQL, Oracle, Flat files, Sales force and the rest of the environment. Systech collected and integrated virtually all data elements from the underlying source systems in use by the various Nationwide Better Health business units into a single data store on the Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance. This “Data Foundation” was designed to provide the basis for enterprise reporting and analytics on integrated source information across the enterprise. The design of the Data Foundation was based on the business requirements to support a CRM solution and analytical reporting. The Data Foundation was created as a first step towards building a comprehensive BI environment at NBH.

By choosing Informatica as ETL tool Systech provided a versatile and flexible integration solution. The ETL process was built to efficiently source data from the various source systems, perform adequate data cleansing and transformation prior to organizing the data in the ODS schema. Systech organized the data into hierarchies that allowed efficient and fast selection and aggregation of selected data to guarantee analytical accuracy. Result

Systech supported NBH team in accomplishing dual goals, which are building a data foundation and implement Data warehouse to support reporting and analytics to enhance service levels to the customers. Together accomplished the following:

  • Created a single view of the customer and it’s employees in order to maximize service and value
  • Provided the capability for the business to demonstrate ROI to the client
  • Supported seamless integration of external industry data into the model
  • Supported benchmarking and comparative analysis
  • Delivered consistent messaging and presentation to end clients
  • Improved the management and effectiveness of existing programs
  • Supported the research and development of new programs
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