Machine Learning for Retail

Predictive Analytics for Retail

Drive customer intimacy & loyalty through personalized interactions

Retailers can leverage Machine Learning & Retail Analytics capabilities to deliver personalized experiences to their customers while streamlining channels of engagement. Combine existing online, mobile and IoT retail data to create a unified omni channel experience tailored for individual customers.

Deeply understand your customer needs in order to attract & nurture their loyalty

Build a 360° view of every store and digital marketplace to track trends nationally or globally

Customer Data Lake

How Systech can help you

Systech’s Customer Data Lake architecture provides business a cost-effective way to build a Single 360° Customer View and enable smart data discovery and advanced analytics capabilities. Combine historical, clickstream and big data sources to enrich customer profiles, and provide your customer service teams more actionable information.

Recommendation Engine

Optimize the shopping experience by incorporating customer behavior, mobile analytics, and connected data to predict online shopping behavior and suggest the perfect addition to a customer’s shopping cart.

Omnichannel Customer Targeting

Collect and integrate data from every touchpoint to deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across all channels, including email, mobile, social, online, and in-store. Build advanced models to accurately predict the success of various marketing campaign strategies, based on historical and big data analysis.

Predictive Churn Modeling

Get more personal with the 20% of customers who generate 80% of your sales. Predict and reveal the likelihood of conversion and attrition for each of your customers. Understand what factors in a customer’s profile attribute the most in knowing the likelihood of a customer conversion. Be able to focus your sales & marketing efforts on closing more sales and retain your most profitable accounts.

Get started with Customer Analytics

Read the Checklist for Customer Experience Management Success

There are so many different ways to analyze customer data. But what kind of analysis is most effective at helping you understand customers better? How are other companies using customer analytics to yield the most value? What role can social media and other Big Data play to give you a clearer picture of your customers? We’ve put together a basic checklist to help you begin your journey to analytical maturity.

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