Make better, quicker, more informed decisions.

Disrupt the market, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, or cut costs – we’ll help you – fast.

Information Builders offers faster, simpler and flexible business intelligence and provides you with the right tools and insight to reduce costs, grow revenues, and win new customers.

Need real-time business insights?  Have numerous data sources and files? Relying on Excel for analytics?  Want a centralized singe source of truth?

Easy-to-use business analytics, highly visual interactive, customizable dashboards and the ability to distribute actionable information to the right users, in the format they want, whenever they want.

Businesses like yours are looking for ways to win new customers, make better more informed decisions, increase market share, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase profit.

No matter your role in the organization Web FOCUS Express can visualize and answer your key concerns and position you to make better decisions, share information, and act on opportunities.

Download Web FOCUS Express from XX – try it for 30 days and see the impact on your business today.  It takes 20 minutes to download and you can have reports and visualizations from all your data within the hour – without IT intervention.


Find answers to your questions

  • Marketing

    How can I make sure I target the hottest leads?
    How can I increase the value of the customers I already have?
    How can I create a more successful campaign?

  • Finance

    Which accounts are most likely to be paid?
    How can collections be more efficient?
    What does it mean, for revenue and profit, when we lose customers?
    What can my sales pipeline tell me that can help me forecast revenue?

  • Sales

    Which deals am I most likely to close?
    How can I increase my sales?
    What can I offer customers to keep them from going to a competitor?

  • Human Resources

    How can we attract and attain the right employees with the right skills?
    How can we create and keep top performers?

  • Operations

    How can I detect product defects or issues earlier?
    How can I keep repair costs down and use maintenance resources more effectively?

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