Healthcare Analytics

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Healthcare Analytics

Systech’s Healthcare Analytics recognizes the value of managing key information for analytical purposes and evidence based decision making at all levels in any healthcare organization. The solution integrates disparate data and provides key stake holders with an accurate and consolidated view of information.

Systech’s Healthcare Analytics solution helps integrate patient data across the enterprise and makes it available at the point-of-service to help providers improve customer service, reduce medical errors, improve productivity and enable patient-centric processes - the prerequisite for improving the care delivery process



  • Enables the organization to track cost patterns overtime and identify areas for reduction for controlling budget
  • Helps identify risk group of patients based on historical data and predictive analysis
  • Helps track physicians who are likely to refer out-of-network specialists or treating patients not covered by their group or health plans
  • Provides a properly defined data repository with historical data and analytical system to analyze and develop appropriate incentive plans
  • Helps track the adherence of the incentive plans by individual members
  • Provides alert system for early detection of financial risks
  • Helps track clinical outcome of different treatment options through historical patient record analysis
  • Provides physicians with the means to better understand the effectiveness of these treatment options