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 Smarter Integration

Quest to enhance customer relationships – Are you holding the right cards? A conversational article by Srini Ramaswamy, COO, Systech Solutions, Inc., exploring the need for integrated data views of the customer in gaming and hospitality industry.

Gaming Analytics: GHR360

Systech’s solution for casino enterprise GHR360, recognizes the value for managing key information for analytical purposes and provides overall EBIDTA of the property and a corporate scorecard to measure growth against the industry.

As the name suggests, the solution is designed to provide a 360-degree view of the casino property by integrating information from gaming, hospitality and retail business areas.


GHR360 rapidly identifies the pain points within a department and presents an overall vision for what could be done.


Implementing GHR360 helps

  • Prioritize operational projects by revenue impact and customer satisfaction
  • Manage revenue and understand price optimization trending
  • Maximize revenue and yield across business areas and properties
  • Attract and retain high-value patron segments
  • Offer products and services that match customer preferences
  • Acquire new patrons or increase customer loyalty
  • Target different cross-sell and up-sell offers based on prior purchase behavior
  • Encourage and reward profitable behaviors
  • Lower operating costs (e.g., online reservations, hotel kiosks, and IVR bookings)
  • Deliver maximum profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Directly improve profit