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Engineering and Construction Analytics

Systech’s brings powerful analytics, meaningful metrics and standardized reports across Engineering & Construction projects (E&C). The various key analyses will enable Engineering and construction (E&C) companies to successfully plan, manage, control, and deliver projects. Taking into account the goals of every stakeholder, Systech’s E&C analytics helps prioritize backlog, plan and allocate resources and communicate the performance of projects and programs. Analytics and Project management features, allow decision makers and executives to gain enterprise-wide visibility into the entire business.


  • Project Lifecycle Visibility
  • Optimized resources across the enterprise
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Visibility into impact of changes to budget prior to accepting / approving
  • Visibility into potential areas of risk and take action to mitigate
  • Improved cash flow and financial management
  • Streamlined revenue recognition and billing practices
  • Improved client service