Earthlink – Customer Behavior Analysis


Headquartered in Atlanta, EarthLink provides a full range of innovative access, hosting and e-commerce solutions to thousands of communities internationally.

On February 4, 2000, Mind Spring Enterprises and EarthLink Network completed a merger transaction, creating the second largest Internet service provider in the United States now known as EarthLink, Inc. EarthLink, Inc. brings the Internet to more than 3.1 million individuals and businesses every day.


The competition within the industry has become extremely competitive and improvements to services need to be continuously enhanced in order to obtain and attract new subscribers. EarthLink wanted to stand out from other Internet service providers by building and keeping a market share. Also, they wanted to find new ways of obtaining revenue sources.

With over one million customers, EarthLink needed to analyze and track the mass amounts of data collected from their popular Personal Start page. In order to keep subscribers satisfied, EarthLink needed a solution to help them learn more about customer behavior and their needs.


Working closely with EarthLink’s Member Services and Business Development departments, Systech and MicroStrategy teamed up to analyze EarthLink’s business strategy, processes and needs to devise a strategic solution to best comply with ISP’s corporate goals.

The Systech and MicroStrategy team implemented a business intelligence solution using MicroStrategy’s front-end decision support system. This solution was designed for EarthLink to help them in identifying trends and to segment its customers by profile, profitability and demographics. The structured customer information resulted in better analysis of customer behavior patterns.


The solution gave EarthLink the ability to generate reliable userfriendly reports that gave fast and reliable access to customer preferences and buying habits, allowing for one-to-one marketing. This led to strengthened user relationships, and thereby increased member retention.

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