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Profitline - Dynamic Ad-hoc Reporting and Analysis


ProfitLine was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in San Diego California. A business process outsourcing service firm that takes on a variety of service responsibilities. Which includes end-to-end solutions or individual services such as vendor RFPs, network inventories, ordering new services to day-to-day billing management, rate negotiations, and historical bill auditing.


Profit Line wanted a new dynamic reporting system that would help them improve customer relationships. ProfitLine was functioning with an outdated reporting system, which restricted users to predefined templates. This meant that the flow of information was limited to those set of reports.

ProfitLine employees performed all reporting queries, since access to the system was limited to internal users. The reports were processed, then transferred onto an excel worksheet and customers were then given a copy of the final report. The process of reporting and distributing information became increasingly difficult . Another major problem was the fact that they wanted to combine data from several different databases. ProfitLine wanted to have as many data warehouses as they did customers, and all systems had to fully interact with each other.


As Profit Line's needs changed so did its need for a better reporting system. With this in mind they chose to implement the Business Objects software. They felt that Business Objects would offer a dynamic environment were all users could access custom reports, according to their specific needs.

Using the existing transactional system Systech was able to pull several systems together to create a seamless reporting mechanism. The new implementation allowed ProfitLine to do utilize a new dynamic system that would provide customized reporting, not only for ProfitLine personnel but also for its customers. Through a long-in system, via the web, clients are able to make queries according to their specific needs without getting any ProfitLine personnel involved.


With the implementation of the Business Objects Software and an updated data warehouse, ProfitLine was able to retrieve information tailored to fit both corporate and customer needs.


Our Team took the capabilities of the Business Objects Software and prepared ProfitLine's Strategy for universal design.