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Kia - Parts and Accessories Web Portal


Kia Motors America operates as the U.S. sales, marketing and service arm for Kia Motors Corporation. The company's motto: 'provide high-quality, high-value vehicles at prices well below the competition and back that up with a customer-first policy.'

This 56 year old company has more than 2,000,000 Kias moved off the factory floor and onto roads in more than 170 countries around the world.


With more than 580 Kia dealers in 49 states, Kia's sales have risen dramatically, reaching 134,549 in total vehicle sales. There has been a tremendous increase and demand for Kia cars and parts. With this in mind, Kia wanted to develop their website to become a userfriendly interactive site and give shoppers the flexibility to shop on-line for parts & accessories with secure measures.

To meet the demand and to develop a functional and effective website Kia needed improvements on their website. The website needed working icon features. It also needed to be faster to make the transaction process quicker. Clearer images were needed for an overall professional and effective presentation. Kia was also in need of functioning codes. With the demand for Kia parts and accessories, Kia wanted to have an Online Parts & Accessories catalog to give Kia dealers and customers the flexibility of ordering online. They wanted to have a user-friendly, interactive e-commerce site.


Systech provided Kia with the necessary technical expertise to complete a complex project. Systech integrated the complete backend system to allow for smooth functionality and aided in the reconstruction of the Kia website using ASP (Active Server Pages) and SQL Server 7.0 as the database.

Systech contributed in helping Kia's website function properly. They enhanced the speed of the site, making transactions possible in a much faster manner, which allows for more engaging features. Systech built an Online Parts & Accessories Catalog store with extensive search capabilities. This Business-to-Customer site displays a user-friendly interactive internet site, which gives the ability to shop for Kia parts and accessories 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


A fully functional B2C Kia website was built where transactions are faster, allowing for features to be clearly displayed. The site now gives Kia correct data, and an Online Parts & Accessories Catalog section has been added. This allows for easy access and availability of parts/accessories and allows the dealers and consumers to do online shopping.

Systech's e-commerce and ERP solutions for Kia have ensured that users have immediate, dynamic access to a wide range of parts and accessories.