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“Forecasting has gone from three days to two hours with Systech’s data warehouse. The flexibility is incredible. What do I want to look at? The possibilities are endless.”

--Connie Tisdale, Director of Special Projects, Authentic Fitness Corp.

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Authentic Fitness carries Speedo, the number one brand of swimwear in the world. Authentic Fitness Corporation operates a chain of 144 retail stores in the U.S. and Canada. The company also makes a vast diversity of products from shoes, goggles, electronic radios, and children's clothing. As the leader in competitive swimwear, Authentic Fitness is an official sponsor of the Goodwill Games.


Authentic Fitness wanted to combine the data from different databases for overall reports. Time was lost trying to determine the different outcomes of analysis between the sales and finance departments. Reports about exceptions from sales results needed to be generated and sent from the West Coast to the East Coast operations early enough each day to be acted upon. There was also a need to share new product sales trends immediately with sales staff, and occasionally merchandisers, in order for them to react strategically and operationally. In addition, the sales reports were far too thick for managers to find relevant information needed quickly and easily. They needed exception reports for the threshold of problems. They wanted to be able to spot patterns from the data for seasonality, sales trends, promotional results, and new opportunities. 'We want to be able to project in a timely manner what our customers want, so we can maximize the possibilities.' - Connie Tisdale, Director for Special Projects.


Systech addressed the informational pains of Authentic Fitness with its proven Business Intelligence solution. The Systech team installed a data warehouse that incorporated data from legacy database systems with transactional and financial data. Connie Tisdale noted, 'Forecasting has gone from three days to two hours with the data warehouse. Now we have specific goals for products: what we plan to sell to what store and when.' Authentic Fitness can now learn its actuals vs. its goals on a specific item or customer on a daily basis. The system helps AFC analyze style performance, thus discovering slow and fast moving items. By analyzing the relationships between pricing and sales the company is better equipped to develop effective pricing models. The reports generated by the data warehouse are specific and time efficient. 'The flexibility to drill up or down through the data is incredible,' said Connie. The data warehouse can generate data at a high level, and then drill down to the SKU level for any store or region for any specified time period.


With the implementation of the data warehouse, Authentic Fitness was able to receive information in a manner tailored to fit the day-to-day needs of their business.