The Systech Methodology

Our Framework, Tailored to Your Needs

While analytics can provide insight towards solving complex problems, it can only be as precise as the original questions asked of the data. Framing the problem with the right questions is the first step towards gaining the data advantage.

Systech engages in each project as if the client’s business was our own. Integrating years of project experience with best practices and proven methodology, we have developed a framework to help design and implement the most effective solution. This framework works to define exactly what your business needs are and the relevant information that would allow you to make decisions yielding the largest performance impact.

  1. Formulate a hypothesis
    • What do you want to measure?
    • Identify the metrics that matter
    • How do you wish to see the data/metrics?
  2. Visualize your data
    • What does it all mean? (The analysis)
  3. Analytics
  4. Evaluate the hypothesis
    • Test the evaluation against new data
  5. Implement the process for regular data collection, cleansing, and visualization
  6. Establish/implement your newly developed process

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