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At Systech, we offer an exciting work environment for data professionals who are ready to join a dynamic, growing organization. We are constantly looking for motivated and talented individuals who can contribute to Systech’s growth and success. Each project is a new learning experience and provides the potential for growth for every individual involved. If you are looking for a place where career advancement is based on your own performance, Systech is the place for you to engage in an inspiring, challenging and rewarding workspace that brings out your fullest potential.

Our Culture

We offer a positive and stimulating environment along with a lively culture. Our teams are passionate about their work and Systech encourages each and every one to take pride and ownership in what they do.

Our core mantra is based on the fact that employee satisfaction is vital in achieving client satisfaction. To ensure this we provide a rewarding experience and competitive salary-benefits package.

Leadership Opportunities

Our unique office structure gives you the room to grow and contribute meaningfully. Client engagements provide team members exposure to multiple aspects of project management and execution, offering multiple opportunities at every phase, for employees to take on and conquer new challenges. We also encourage employees to engage with other teams and management, and participate in the decision-making affecting the company’s growth and advancement.

Whether you’re launching your career or seeking a fresh challenge in an already established career, Systech gives you a broad exposure to latest BI technology, various business models in different industry sectors, diverse teams and ideal environment to grow and transform.

Growth Opportunities

If you are looking for an exciting career in the BI space in a dynamic environment with round the clock access to training and expertise, this is the ideal place for you.

Systech is a premium partner for several BI technologies and has developed partners and practices around several leading technologies and business models. As a result, you will have direct access to a vast array of resources and opportunity to deepen existing skills and build specialist skills on the job.

Collaboration & Learning

Systech provides an environment that encourages knowledge sharing. With access to experienced peers and colleagues, you can experience the satisfaction of finding creative solutions to help in client’s success ‘together’.

The quality of our services depends on the diversity, intelligence and motivation of our teams. We invest in you, from the moment you are hired, and at every step of your career. It is how we can stay at the cutting edge and deliver business value on clients’ new demands in the spectrum of areas we cover, such as Data Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and the Digital Enterprise.

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