Working at Systech

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Working at Systech

Opportunities and Benefits

Offering a positive and stimulating environment along with a lively culture, Systech makes a great growthplace to work. Our teams are passionate about their work and Systech encourages each and everyone to take pride and ownership in what they do.

Our core mantra is based on the fact that employee satisfaction is vital in achieving client satisfaction. To ensure this we provide a rewarding experience and competitive salary-benefits package.

Opportunity to Lead

What Systech has done differently from the other growing companies is the way we are structured. Without much hierarchy, teams and team members are given an opportunity to participate in the decision making and for being a contributor to real growth and advancement.

Opportunity to Grow

If you are looking for an exciting career in the BI space in a dynamic environment with round the clock access to training, and expertise, this could be the ideal place for you.

Systech is a premium partner for several BI technologies and has developed partners and practices around several leading technologies and business models. As a result, you will have direct access to a vast array of resources and opportunity to deepen existing skills and build specialist skills on the job.

Opportunity to Collaborate

Systech provides an environment that encourages knowledge sharing. With access to experienced peers and colleagues, you can experience the satisfaction of finding creative solutions to help in client's success 'together'.


As a full-time employee of Systech, you are eligible for valuable benefits package apart from competitive salary that is tailored to your geography and performance.

  • Comprehensive health plans that provide medical, dental, prescription and vision coverage
  • BI training programs and certifications in different technologies and building solutions
  • 401(k) plans
  • Employee Stock Options