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Support and Maintenance

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supportOur team is committed to provide customer satisfaction. We not only maintain key business functions but also seek to improve them to help you move ahead of the competition.

Our maintenance program is executed with a proven methodology by a team of skilled technology experts. The program takes over complete ownership of application maintenance and adheres to customer defined Service Level Agreements.

Our Support and Maintenance Model

  • Creates a comprehensive plan by collaborating with the customer to make program stable and secure
  • Ensures support for schedules, staffing, infrastructure, escalation mechanism, communication channels, risk mitigation and disaster recovery
  • Prepares Service Level Agreement (SLA) document encompassing financial metrics, performance level guidelines, uptime requirements and non-performance clauses customized to the client's need
  • Defines process document to illustrate workflows related to service request creation and execution, control points, routine tasks, change control, test plans, test cases, quality audit, performance review and reports