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Search engines harness massive amounts of content and search queries every day. ‘Search’ plays a crucial role in helping you understand what your customers seek and how you could tune your website & search engine to give them what they seek. Systech’s Search Analytics is built to analyze weblogs to engage you in conversations with your customers. It helps you maximize your online marketing through intelligent use of Search Analytics.

  • Understanding which marketing methods are working and which aren’t
  • Finding better ways to use your web site and the online world in general
  • Giving you insight into your readers – what they care about and what they get


How can you use Systech’s search analytics?

Systech has successfully identified the key metrics to measure and provide recommendations on your online acquisition, engagement, or outcome strategies and tactics including:

  • Organic search engine optimization and maintenance
  • Maintenance of keyword purchases
  • Content updates, including scheduled site maintenance
  • Brand and sales integration points
  • KPI definitions

Exploiting opportunities in Search logs

By studying the visitor and the navigation path, you could get various insights of the source, content and outcomes of the visit.

Visitor Click Stream Analysis

  • Helps understand what the visitor sought – through the meta information/keywords and search queries (Jargons, Length of queries, syntax)
  • Provides insights across major search engines and top organic keywords driving traffic to site.
  • Helps understand how they got to your site – campaigns, Search Engines, Directories, Partners, Linked sites, Direct
  • Helps understands what they did on your site – Pages viewed, Site areas viewed, their navigation path, content views
  • Helps understand how they engaged with you – visits, destination, interaction, purchases, request information, used internal search, baskets, fill in subscription
  • Gives you insights on way to enhance online revenue opportunities
  • Gives you actionable information to enable timely business decisions
  • Identifies total initial touch points with unique customers
  • Demonstrates ongoing engagement with your website – unique and returning visitors

Advertising effectiveness Analysis & Campaign Score cards

  • Helps you understand how your campaigns’ are faring – Are they more expensive than the revenue generated?
  • Helps you see a consolidated view of how much you are spending for each sale
  • Helps understand if you are providing the prospective customer what he is looking for
  • Gives you insights to see if your ads are generating interest about your services / products
  • Provides a gauge of ROI by estimating cost per successful user mission (DUA)
  • Helps assess online media performance including banner advertising in driving qualified traffic to your website
  • Provides an assessment on paid keyword performance by search engine and by keyword purchase
  • Helps you map online activity to market and brand initiatives and provide gauge of success in reaching customers and achieving communication objectives

Navigation & Site Performance

  • Identifies parts of the website that is attracting more visitors
  • Gives you insights on how you could optimize the site to attract more visitors and convert them into customers
  • Helps you figure out what and how to change your web site to make it better
  • Identifies ‘dead end points’ where assistance could be added – revised search, browsing alternatives (HTML vs. PDF, spell check in internal search queries, 404 error or other functionalities)
  • Informs you about the selection of search through the syntax of queries – by date, by price, by size, by gender
  • Helps to create an index based on frequent queries
  • Helps track and study pages, where internal search is initiated
  • Provides analysis and recommendations based on successful user missions that can encourage return visits

Mobile Web Analytics

  • Gives you a clear picture of the number of mobile web visitors to help you channelize your ad costs respectively
  • Helps you accurately measure who they are
  • Provides you information to personalize and optimize their experience
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