Utility Analytics


As utilities address the data management, operational and demand response challenges, Business Intelligence solutions can help turn that data into useful & actionable information. Systech, along with its partner, IBI, have dedicated a focus on understanding the needs of public and private water & power utilities. We’ve integrated a powerful set of tools, analytics and guidelines to assist Utility Organizations and enable improvements in decision making to optimize operations and prevent Revenue Leakage.

Key Benefits

  • Analytics Platform

    World-class reporting & analytical functionality delivered via industry-leading Web Focus (from Information Builders)

  • Utility Loss Module

    Focused on enhancing the performance of your business, our solution includes a Utility loss module featuring multi-tab dashboards to monitor: utility usage and loss analytics, optimization of work processes, and opportunities for operational integration

  • Ad-hoc queries & In-depth Analysis

    Complete access to underlying data elements via meta-data driven ad-hoc queries & reporting

  • Customized Solution

    Our utility analytics solution suite for is fully extendable, allowing for flexibility in adapting to the specific needs of your organization

  • Organization & Integration of Data

    Data from all sources across the enterprise are organized and integrated, to provide more meaningful & actionable insights

  • Optimization of business processes

    Pre-designed data mart leveraging CIS system and work order management

  • Easy-to-use platform

    Easy-to-use platform making it possible for everyone in your organization to access data from across the organization & create their own reports, allowing you to move from questions to actionable insights

  • End-to-end suite of services

    Beyond our BI & data analytics services, our solution suite includes Infrastructure, Software Licensing, Application, Administration, Support & Hosting

Systech’s Utility Analytics Solution helps utility companies access, analyze and use the massive amounts of data. The solution is focused on providing a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform, accessing & integrating all your data sources. The intuitive reporting & analytics combined with a low total cost of ownership fundamentally changes the data management landscape of Utility organizations.

Going beyond traditional reporting

To make informed business decisions, you need the right information at the right time. The Utility Analytics solution provides timely access to data and visibility beyond pre-formatted reports. Its robust multidimensional model provides an entirely new way of exploring and viewing data. Users can now answer dynamic sequences of questions as fast as they can be asked. It also provides a fluid mechanism for users to generate and run subsequent queries, such as drilling down, drilling up, pivoting & active filtering.

  • Easily navigate through all the horizontal dimensions & vertical hierarchies of your data
  • Have a comprehensive & unified view of your data from multiple sources
  • Powerful on-the-fly ad-hoc reports and charts with pivot tables
  • Visually informative dashboards and trend reports
  • Key Performance Indicators to quickly measure critical success factors

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