Telco Analytics

Tailored Solutions For the Telecommunications Industry

As Telco service providers face unique challenges with storing, synching and leveraging their data, one feasible solution becomes creating custom business intelligence solutions, including data models, reporting development and adapting data integration capabilities that allow Telco service providers to get an end-to-end view of their customers, network and services.

By working with our technology partners, our teams at Systech are able to fill a significant gap in the market and bring our customers, tangible business value.

Systech’s Telco solution helps our customers monetize their growing volume of network data by gaining detailed insight to quality of service, customer behavior and customer experience.

  • Coverage

    Access to Customer Services
    Average Land Unavailable to Services
    Percentage of Land Covered with Services
    Average Population Unavailable to Services
    Percentage of Population Covered with Services

  • Faults & Complaints

    Work in Progress
    Percentage Closed
    Mean time to Resolve
    Customer Service Level Statisttics
    Percentage of Open & Level of Escalation Priority Required

  • Customer Analysis

    Churn Rate
    Top Customers
    Subscription Analysis
    Customer Segmentation
    Average Revenue per User

  • Quality/Usage

    Mean Opinion Score

Our solution helps to:

  • Understand customer usage patterns by analyzing call detail recording (CDRs)
  • Analyze trends of area, time and product
  • Assist in estimating revenues, volumes and margin of profit
  • Categorize customers into segments according to their behavior and demographic for CRM
  • Launch appropriate marketing campaigns and improve the ability to target new customers
  • Track the performance of campaign within a period of time that is essential for improving marketing skills
  • Monitor the behavior changes of customer so that companies can immediately respond

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