CPG & Retail Analytics

We help retailers access, analyze, and mine massive amounts of data.

With more than 20 years of experience in implementing successful Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions for retail companies, Systech provides retailers with an industry specific solution for enabling insight into merchandising operations. Systech’s unique approach to Retail Analytics combines consulting services, expertise with business process design, system/software integration, and advanced methodology.

Our CPG & Retail analytics suite enables you to:

  • Know your top selling items by region, country, and store

    You know which products are “hot.” But do you know why? Be able to analyze the trends & identify the factors that attribute to your most successful products.

  • Know market share, customer segmentation & source of leads

    Understand exactly who your customers are and where your high source of customer traffic is coming from to capitalize on new market opportunities.

  • Know regional customer preferences

    Understand what your customers want in each area and become more efficient in managing your supply chain logistics.

  • Know promotions' effectiveness adjusted for seasonality

    Know whether a promotion increased sales by specific percentages per store. Identify the stores that had no sales increase and analyze key differences.

To stay competitive, retailers push to find innovative methods to attract new customers, hold on to existing ones, cut costs, and improve operational efficiency. Our solution suite enables decision makers to identify weak points as well as gauge the value of specific products and customers. Thanks to new insight, our retail customers establish efficient operations & earn significantly higher margins.

Key Benefits

  • Enterprise-wide insight for all users, enabling fact-based actions and intelligent interaction.
  • Pre-designed templates that embrace any existing corporate data source and seamlessly integrated with transactional solutions to improve business insight.
  • Slice & Dice, Drill-up & down of the Data across different dimensions hierarchy.
  • Provides a unified view of data from multiple sources.
  • Powerful on the fly ad-hoc reports and charts with pivot tables.
  • Visually informative dashboards and trend reports.
  • Key Performance Indicators to quickly measure critical success variables.

Merchandise Analysis

  • Make better decisions as to what products to retire and what products to retain in inventory through analysis of merchandise information, including: sales, inventory gross margin, turn, and weeks of supply.
  • Perform seasonal analysis on products to highlight the exceptions and time goals where raising inventory levels is required or where markdowns should be applied.

Promotion Analysis

  • Identify the products and promotions most likely to break the “purchasing threshold” for specific customers or segments.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of specific promotions through direct comparison of sales and inventory numbers across time periods.

Supply Chain & Channel Analysis

  • Analyze individual vendors based on performance of specific brands and products to improve negotiation stances with vendors on price and quality.
  • Optimize assortment and inventory by analyzing the types of products most likely to be abandoned in shopping baskets or carts.

Customer Analysis

  • Analyze and compare the lifetime value of a customer by isolating and identifying the attributes (e.g. age, purchase frequency, location) that allow for a single, quantifiable metric for comparison.
  • Create customer satisfaction through high quality promotions targeted at the most profitable and most likely to be affected customer segments.

Store Operations Analysis

  • Compare sales history at the product and stores level across different time periods to rank and categorize specific stores, sellers, or products to allow for best future forecasting.
  • Analyze neighborhood characteristics and demographics to optimize the product location, product mix, and inventory levels in any specific store.

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