Profit Analytics

Streamlined Analytics, Increased Profitability

To stay competitive, we know that every day you endeavor to  streamline processes, manage inventory, implement new sales tactics, and share information quickly across business functions. Today’s technology now enables you to understand how these decisions impact the bottom line of your business through diligent measurement, data analysis, and application of insight.

  • Efficient Assortment

    Identify relative importance of each product to a category.
    Identify most important customers and focus resources on boosting sales.
    Identify best & worst practices across customers.

  • Promotions

    Set the foundation for promotion performance measurement.
    Evaluate the impact of market funding on sales & consumption to repeat successful promotions.
    Shift funds, among promotions, as needed, to maximize impact.

  • Growth Opportunities

    Identify new or complimentary products to existing customers.
    Introduce higher margin projects to increase profitability.
    Define promotional activities that support channel growth strategies.
    Analyze geographic factors influencing category sales.

  • Profitability

    Identify your most profitable customer and categories/products.
    Review a complete snapshot of company revenue and profitability across key business areas.
    Alert to situations where gross profit falls below established goals.

  • Product Introductions

    Determine specific product gaps across markets.
    Increase new product profitability by carefully planning forecasts and pricing analysis.
    Evaluate the success of your new product launch.

We provide cutting edge Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement solutions for companies to discover hidden profit opportunities and revenue growth. All with speed, agility and ease.

  • Take control of your profit model with an intuitive user interface
  • Gain insight to measure profits at any granular level in the supply chain
  • Leverage the power of real-time analytics to make more informed decisions
  • Drill into data with advanced analytics
  • Create more targeted campaigns to tap into new channels
  • Rapidly prototype and model to continuously test the ``what-if`` capabilities of your enterprise

Unlock the potential of your enterprise

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