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Benefits Management, Simplified

Using analytics and business intelligence techniques, Systech brings Pharmacy Benefits Management to analyze data to deliver value through tools that control drug mix, price and utilization. Systech helps employers develop benefit designs to provide convenient, affordable access to prescription medications while minimizing costs. Systech’s Pharmacy Benefits Management is formulated to deliver value through tools that control drug mix, price and utilization.

Benefits Management

  • Fraud Management
  • Design Benefits Modeling
  • Total Cost Management
  • Drug Utilization
  • Generic Substitution
  • Eliminate Duplicate Therapy

Retail Analytics

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Optimize Pricing
  • Forecast Sales
  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Track 3rd Party Payment Trends

Case/Disease Management

  • Predict Disease Progression
  • Identify Optimal Treatment
  • Devise Targeted Interventions for Compliance
  • Track changes in Therapy Success

Stakeholder Management

  • Drug Rebate Contract Management
  • Physician Segmentation
  • Promotion Optimization
  • Disease Trend Analysis
  • Disease Trend Forecasting

Strategic Insight

  • Identify Drug Cost Trends
  • Identify Drug Utilization Trends
  • Product
  • Sales Outlet Type
  • Demographics
  • Geography

Key Benefits

  • Patients

    Seamless delivery of prescription benefits
    Encourage proactive disease management

  • Providers

    Reduce transaction costs
    Intermediate between patient & plan sponsors

  • Pharmacy

    Reduce transaction costs
    Maximize convenience for customers

  • Payers & Sponsors

    Manage total cost of prescription coverage
    Rebates from manufacturers & pharmacies

  • Drug Companies

    Acquire market share
    Understand key trends in drug usage
    Early warning analysis

Empower your business with strategic insight

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