Digital Media Analytics

By 2016, over 3 billion people will be online, three times as many people as there were a decade ago.1 This means that almost half of the world is connected by internet. Are companies able to utilize and analyze this online activity? How can we use Digital Media Analytics to analyze online activity and make business decisions to drive value?

Our Analytical Capabilities

Systech’s R&D teams explore deep analytics for all varying business models employed by websites today. Alongside this, our experience with customers develops our acuity as we formulate and refine Systech’s Digital Media Solutions.

These solutions involve rapid Data Analysis and accessible Business Intelligence tools to help you transform online and offline records, regardless of size, into understanding your customers and business.

The analytical platform for this solution is built upon each customer’s BI environment and provides dynamic data about a website’s traffic patterns, revenue, conversion rate and other user trends and provides in-depth analytics.

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Attitudinal Analysis
  • Ad Revenue Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign Scorecard
  • Promotion Response Analysis
  • Customer Loyalty & Attrition
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Click stream Analysis
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Risk Management

Our Digital Media Analytics Suite provides strategic, in-depth custom analysis for a variety of businesses in Digital Media such as User Generated Media, Social Media, Search Marketing, Online Advertising, Mobile Web, Widget, Email, Online Video Website, Web 2.0, E-commerce and Online Banking.

1Kende, M. “Global Internet Report 2014: Open and Sustainable Access for All”. The Internet Society. May 2014.

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