Hospitality Analytics/GHR 360
Achieve better results with a 360° view of your business

Running a casino enterprise and standing out as a hospitality and services brand warrants organized, concerted efforts among your teams as well as timely business insight to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Often this involves monitoring many facets of your organization at once, and driving initiatives to improve at the pace your customers demand. We’ve worked with enough large-scale casinos to know what it takes to support agile operations within your business, so we developed GHR360® an all-in-one custom solution for casino enterprises.

GHR360® manages data to support analytics, providing overall EBIDTA of your property and also a corporate scorecard to measure growth against your industry. GHR360® provides a comprehensive view of your casino properties by integrating information from gaming, hospitality and retail business areas.

GHR360® Solution Benefits

  • Prioritize operational projects by ROI impact & customer satisfaction
  • Manage revenue & understand price optimization trending
  • Maximize revenue & yield across business areas and properties
  • Attract and retain high-value patron segments
  • Offer products and services that match customer preferences
  • Acquire new patrons or increase customer loyalty
  • Target different cross-sell and up-sell offers based on prior purchase behavior
  • Encourage and reward profitable behaviors
  • Lower operating costs (e.g. online reservations; hotel kiosks; and IVR bookings)
  • Deliver maximum profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Gain direct commercial value

Gaming Floor Optimization

  • Optimize gaming product mix
  • Identify underperforming/overperforming machine
  • Understand the pattern of spend/usage of players
  • Identify which machines are most played by customers and when

Property Yield Analytics

  • Gain and compare insights on customer entertainment activity and spend
  • Measure the impact of new product offerings and competitive offers on the ROI
  • Optimize revenue forecasting models

Streamlining Operations

  • Identify products and services yielding the greatest ROI
  • Identify games/activities associated with its best customers
  • Determine the impact of denomination, location, and other factors on performance
  • Analyze room maintenance and inventory allocation, food, and beverage controls

Customer Profitability

  • Identify patterns in customer spending based on how they use “free money” and where they spend it
  • Build customer segments/profiling

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