Category Management

Insight by Category

Systech implements successful retail and merchandising solutions in Business Intelligence, aligning its practices with the needs of leading specialists in retail merchandising. Our unique approach to Category Management combines consulting services, expertise in business process design & system/software integration.

Efficient Assortment

  • Identify relative importance of each product to a category
  • Identify most important customers and focus resources on boosting sales
  • Identify best & worst practices across customers

Product Introductions

  • Determine where product needs are not being met in the market
  • Increase new product profitability by carefully planning forecasts and pricing analysis
  • Evaluate the success of your new product launch


  • Set the foundation for promotion performance measurement
  • Evaluate the impact of market/trade funding on sales and consumption to repeat successful promotions
  • Shift funds among promotions to maximize impact

Growth Opportunities

  • Identify new or complimentary products to existing customers
  • Introduce higher margin products to increase profitability
  • Define promotional activities that support channel growth strategies
  • Analyze geographic factors influencing category sales


  • Identify your most profitable customers and categories/products
  • Review a complete snapshot of company revenue and profitability across key business areas
  • Alert to situations where gross profit falls below established goals

Best Practices Process

We collaborate with retailers to reach higher levels of consumer insights by leveraging their data, maximizing return on category objectives. To achieve these goals, we develop product, marketing and execution plans specific to the retailers we work with.

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