Analytics Overview

Today, less than 1% of the world’s data potential is being realized. And even more, our digital universe is projected to double in size every two years from now to 2020.1

So ask of yourself, your teams, and your enterprise – Are you ready for the data boom?

Since 1993, Systech has been a pioneer in building data solutions to answer the unique business needs across varying industries. We view data as an enterprise asset, and help our clients transform their information as such. Understanding all the possible outcomes learned from past experiences, we can help organizations develop and implement solutions to address these critical requirements. Systech’s consultants have deep expertise to help you determine the best fit solution, drawing from client assessments, best practices, flexible methodology & technology experience. Explore how our industry-specific analytics suites can equip your business to succeed.

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The Analytics Lifecycle

Systech engages in an end-to-end approach to deliver the highest level of impact on business performance and develop a competitive advantage for its clients.

Step 1: Acquire

A speed-driven data advantage requires organizations to optimize all of the resources available to them. Investing in the analytical foundation to capture and integrate new data allows companies to achieve more relevant and pervasive insights into their performance. But the way in which your data is sourced and managed defines how powerful your analytical capacities are. Systech can help your business differentiate itself by quickly ingesting and utilizing all of the accessible information accessible:

  • Extend existing data infrastructure components with newer ones capable of handling big data
  • Use real-time data processing & analysis for instant insights
  • Implement proper information governance to accelerate trust
  • integration and standardization amongst your data environments

In a recent survey by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 56% of respondents identified “the ability to understand how to use data and analytics to impact business performance” as their biggest challenge.2

Step 2: Analyze

With a solid data foundation in place, Systech can help you identify the insights and key performance indicators that are most likely to create a positive business impact. We work with you to understand not only how to employ more in-depth analytics, but also how to use them more extensively and broadly across the organization. Both internal data produced from business processes, and external datasets such as social media, can be harnessed by:

  • Developing real-time solutions to meet business objectives
  • Creating a richer contextual understanding of customer interactions to empower marketing and product development initiatives
  • Delivering more robust insights and foresights of market and competitor performance

2 Balboni, Fred, Glen Finch, Cathy Rodenbeck Reese and Rebecca Shockley. “Analytics: A blueprint for value, Converting big data and analytics insights into results.” IBM Institute for Business Value. October 2013.

Step 3: Act

Systech can help you make data fuel the entire organization, from the customer experience to back-end operations. With access to more relevant information, individuals, teams, and enterprise are empowered with analytics that will drive the greatest impact on performance.

Systech’s solutions are built to consider the accelerating pace of data creation and its short shelf-life. Our speed-driven analytics enable clients to capitalize on the value of their data while it is still relevant and drive higher performance impacts. Specifically, we help client differentiate how they act on data by these main characteristics:

  • Integrating digital & process transformations to create end-to-end speed in driving business outcomes
  • Infusing analytics within business processes to enable precise
  • quick actions
  • Using comprehensive visualization techniques to quickly understand and respond to even large and dynamic datasets

Sample Use Cases

  • Campaign Analytics

    Measure & analyze the success of your launch campaign strategies, and be able to quickly respond to the outcomes

  • Growth Hacking - Segmentation & Customer Analytics

    Analyze your market segments and customer behaviors to maximize the potential reach of your product

  • Drive Product Innovation

    Understand the product use patterns of your customers, gaining valuable insights for future R&D

  • Predictive Modeling

    Predictive models for your business, to keep you ahead of the game

  • Feature Mining for Algorithmic Models of Data

    Capture the true meaning of your raw data by exploring the relationships within

  • Large-Scale Testing / Field Testing

    Organize, manage & clean up massive sets of data with a comprehensive set of analytics to get more meaningful results

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