American Honda – BO Migration


Honda of America started production in 1979, in a motorcycle plant near Marysville, Ohio with just 64 employees. Since then, the company has added auto manufacturing plants in Marysville and East Liberty, Ohio, plus an engine/drivetrain in Anna, Ohio, that employ more than 21,000 people. In addition, more than 100,000 workers are employed at authorized Honda automobile, motorcycle and power-equipment dealerships in the United States


Honda’s E-business division was battling with data issues that made reporting information inconsistent. The reporting system indirectly prevented users from accessing valuable reporting data. The combination of data inconsistency and lack of information lead the e-biz group to lose confidence in the overall data reporting process. Issues such as complicated ‘user interfaces’ and ‘report formats’ made the process increasingly confusing and time consuming. The fact that reports couldn’t be processed from more than one data source made consolidation a real challenge. E-biz users felt that these constraining properties limited the quality of the reports and did not allow them the ‘drill down’ capabilities they desired. Although web access was available, the users wouldn’t utilize certain features because they felt the system was unreliable. What Honda had was a nationwide E-biz group that wasn’t putting to use rather extensive informational data.


Honda wanted their E-business division to utilize current technologies for the reporting process. Since confidence had been lost in the existing reporting system Honda felt that moving to a Business Object platform would both restore confidence and enhance reporting capabilities. With this in mind, the Systech team began the process of preparing Honda for migration to BO, from a pre-existing Business Intelligence environment. The teams took existing data reports and revised them for the Business Objects software. Reports were created, executed and enhanced; as the BO software allowed for extractions from multiple data sources. The implementation allowed Honda’s Ebiz users to access comprehensive information in a dynamic environment. Data extraction and consolidation was no longer problematic and inconsistent. Honda users could now navigate through a variety of scenarios with confidence the information was accurate and complete. Business Object’s user-friendly interface made the reporting system easier to understand and fast to navigate through.


Honda was now able to access information through a ‘user-friendly’ interface system, giving users the clarity they desired. The BO implementation utilized all data sources making access of complete information easier. The new environment has restored confidence, enhanced capabilities and given validity to the reporting and analytical process.

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