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Allergan maker of Botox, is a global specialty pharmaceutical company that researches, develops and manufactures prescription and over the counter specialty pharmaceuticals. The company’s main areas of expertise include dermatology, aesthetics (breast implants), ophthalmology, and neurological disorder (botox).

Allergan has a unique competitive advantage by leveraging its cornerstone Botox (neuromodulator) and aesthetic franchise to bundle or cross-sell products to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. The company’s pipeline is well appreciated and contains several novel compounds in addition to many new indications for Botox.

As the operations grew, Allergan was concerned about automating the generation of sales reports and improve accuracy.

Botox, being the primary single growth driver of the company, accounting for almost 29% of the top-line, created demands for new and changed reports (new territories or doctors) and request for access to new data sources, which were difficult to satisfy. Allergan wanted a sales reporting solution that could access diverse data sources and be flexible and scalable to meet both historical and real-time reporting.


Allergan was relying on multiple systems for information on its own performance. The islands of information thus created made it difficult to manage volumes of data and carry out any meaningful analysis. It was time-consuming to manage and merge all the information from different sources to generate reports to take effective business decisions. Getting timely and accurate information was very crucial to the growing business of Botox/Specialty Pharma Allergan.

The company needed a system that would help merge all the Botox sales information into a single source system. One uniform system would give it near-real-time visibility making it easy to understand and analyze Customer relations and Sales over time.

In addition, the company wanted to make use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure and manage the Sales process.

The company decided to implement a sales datamart to achieve its objectives and approached Systech and CSS for development and support.


Combined experience at Allergan prior to this project allowed, CSS and Systech to quick start the project versus other implementators who would have to learn the organizational environment and standards.

The foundation for this project leveraged:

  • CSS’s CSC SMART℠ IM Solution to rapidly address Allergan’s requirements and CSC ‘s CatalystSM to provide a way of defining business vision and strategy
  • Systech’s proven best practices and delivery model to develop and implement the application on-time and defect-free. And draw on its expertise in building business intelligence solutions around Business Objects specifically.

Together, CSS and Systech developed the unifying sales datamart for Botox and also provided the on-going support. The datamart picked data from the underlying systems, analyzed and created accurate and relevant reports on Business Objects that would give the company comprehensive updates Botox Sales performance.

The company now uses the information in sales datamart for decision making on CRM initiatives and Sales performance referring the performance of Botox sales in the past over a period of time, sales in different regions, sales by different account executives, doctor level reports and other sales reports. The solution was architected and developed in a structured, manner and enabled Allergan to efficiently maintain the solution going forward.


The partnership between Systech and CSS was committed to deliver a solution that was not only cost effective to build, but one that minimized the long-term total cost of ownership for Allergan. It provided Allergan’s Information Management Framework.

The company gained the following benefits by engaging Systech and CSS for the development and support of the sales datamart application:

  • Enhanced reporting through timely and comprehensive reports which pulls out the data from a single source of information rather than pulling out the information from multiple source systems and then integrating it
  • Enhanced business intelligence resulting in Sales division’s improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced cost of development and total IT cost due to offshore leverage
  • Quick and defect-free deployment due to round the clock implementation of the project via offshore development center in India.
  • Data security provided in the sales data mart implementation ensured that the data is visibleonly to the qualified usersReduced time to generate business intelligence reports from days to few minutes and secondsSales datamart has helped the client to decommission its traditional source systems
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